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Is criticizing history hypocritical?
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Is criticizing history hypocritical?   Reply with quote  

Under the premise that we are who we are because one specific sperm made it in to one specific egg, a situation that is, by all matters, impossible to have happened at any other time, isn't it hypocritical to wish for the past to have taken a different turn? Cause essentially, what you are doing by that is to deny your own will to exist.

Let me explain; of course it is noble to wish for, for example, the Holocaust to not have happened, but unless you live in a completely autarkic community with no contact to the outside world since it happened, you most probably would not exist if it hadn't happened. Even just having one of your ancestors read about it on the news, discuss it, whatever, would have altered his timeline that tiny bit that would have ripped you from existence before you were ever created.

So, as people who enjoy living (generally), shouldn't we just be thankful that everything happened the way it did, as it gave us the opportunity to experience how it is to exist? I know this is a very conflicting thought, i'm still having trouble adapting to it myself on an ethical and emotional level, but that does not change that it is valid. Or isn't it?

Your thoughts on this?
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Post Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:39 am
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I think so. Like what I always say, you can judge all you want, just be sure that someone will not have anything to throw back at you.

Post Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:04 am
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